Welcome to St Mary Islington Lodge 5451
Freemasons in London

Freemasonry in London


St Mary Islington Lodge was founded in 1934, and now in the 21st century, the Lodge is vibrant and draws its members from all walks of life. The brethren, or members, of the Lodge, are there to enjoy each other’s company and companionship. This happens both in our meetings and outside of the lodge environment.

St Mary Islington has always been known as the ‘Hospitality Lodge’. We have entertained, and have welcomed, many guests of other Freemasons Lodges in the UK and abroad.
They all come under the umbrella of United Grand Lodge of England(UGLE), which is the governing body in the United Kingdom.

Our Masonic Lodge meetings start, on a late Thursday afternoon, four times each year. The months are January, March, October and November of each year.
Lodge member will usually meet up on two Saturday mornings before each meeting and it is a very laid-back atmosphere. This is to practice our ceremonies and to rehearse both our words and perambulations. All the four meetings & our rehearsals are all held at Freemasons Hall, Great Queen Street, London.

This is the home of Freemasonry in London, and Headquarters of UGLE (United Grand Lodge of England). This represents all recognised Masonic Lodges in the United Kingdom
We, the Lodge, welcome enquiries from men (of over 21 years) who are potentially interested in learning about and joining Freemasonry.
We also extend a warm welcome to those freemasons seeking to join a Freemasons Lodge in London.