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Freemasonry in London

Discover Special Interest Lodges

If Freemasonry isn’t your only hobby, find out about Special Interest Lodges, where an interest in Freemasonry is blended with sports, hobbies or other interests.
Meet the Science Fiction & Fantasy Lodge, the Formula 1 Lodge, the Nomads Rugby Lodge and Craft Beer/Horus Lodge and find out about the world of Special Interest Lodges. You could join one, or you could found one?
• Science Fiction and Fantasy Lodge, No 10015 – SciFi fandom and Fantasy at its very heart – W Bro Mike Santopietro
• Formula 1 Lodge, No 4168 – All things Formula 1 and Motorsports. Formula One – W Bro Daniel Graham
• Nomads Rugby Lodge, No 10015 – The Official Rugby Lodge in the Province of Derbyshire – Bro Chris Tandy
• Horus Lodge, No 3155 – The Craft Beer Lodge from from the Masonic Craft Beer Society – W Bro Neil Marshall

Go to https://us06web.zoom.us/webinar/register/4016792585795/WN_lXWKfsfyTmSHLkMfhiDujg#/registration to register for your place to attend this Zoom meeting on 18 April 19:30 (BST)